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Self Love is designed to provide a boost of confidence whenever you might need one. Whether you have a big presentation or are not feeling like your best self, it helps you feel self-assured and ready for anything. Consider Self Love your natural source of courage!

This blend has the ability to ease worry and melt away nervous tension. Self Love also includes soothing Rose, uplifting Jasmine, and calming Sandalwood , crystals and dry herbs each bottle created individually.

* Imparts feelings of courage & confidence

* Balances emotions

* Helps relieve nervous tension

How to Use

Rub into hands and breathe deeply, diffuse in a 2-5% dilution (18-45 drops of oil to a 30ml bottle of a carrier oil) and apply to temples and back of the neck.

* KidSafe

* Pregnancy Safe

* Nursing Safe

Jasmine is a powerful anti-depressant and is one of the best oils for helping people who lack confidence.  It supports decision-making and optimism – and is perfect if your self-esteem and confidence worries are exhausting you as it restores harmony.

Rose is so nurturing and soothing.  Great for all mental-emotional struggles, it is one of those oils that will beautifully drop you back into your heart, rather than allowing you to stay in your head thinking all those self-destructive thoughts! 

Sandalwood is the oil of tranquillity – and helps ease any frustration, whilst quietening the mind to help you see the truth, rather than believe your thinking. A hint of sandalwood for those intimate moments of self-reflection and relaxation. Beneficial for when you need some nurturing and a reminder that you are okay, it is beautifully relaxing yet also uplifting.

Self Love Oil Blend

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