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Purification Oil Blend

Perfect for cleansing and purifying energies, the Purification Oil Blend features a refreshing herbaceous scent with hints of citrus and a sweet floral undertone. Lemon essential oils work to provide a refreshing aroma and are well-known for clearing the air and reducing airborne bacteria. They may also be helpful in reducing inflammation and uplifting mood.

A main ingredient in the Purification Oil Blend is litsea cubeba, an evergreen tree also referred to as May Chang.

litsea cubeba is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits as well as its influence on boosting mood and providing antibacterial properties. When used in aromatherapy, it can help clear and freshen a room or create an uplifting atmosphere for a mediation session.

Tea tree and rosemary give the Purification Oil Blend its herbaceous quality and are well-known for their antibacterial and purifying properties. They can help clear air, encourage respiratory health, and soothe stress, making this blend a prime choice for diffusing throughout your home.

The Purification Oil Blend contains lemon, fir needle, litsea cubeba, tea tree and rosemary.

How to Use

Rub into hands and breathe deeply and apply to temples and back of the neck.

It can also be used in a diffuser.

Purification Oil Blend

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