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Celebrate your place in the universe and pay homage to the intricate beauty and balance of our cosmos with this nine-gemstone planet bracelet. With a precious healing stone representing each of the planets that light up our skies, this bracelet invites us to align our energies so that we can harness celestial power and rise.

“With this bracelet, I connect my inner universe with the celestial power of the cosmos”


The Gemstone Planet Bracelet brims with cosmic charm. Each stone matches the energy for the planet after which it is linked, turning your auric space into a universe of possibility. When we work in accordance with the wider world and the energies that go beyond our earth, we can light up our own internal solar systems and shine.

Citrine for the Sun - bright in abundance, energy rousing, and ready to brighten your willpower.

Larvikite for Mercury - say farewell to negative energy and get grounded with this cleansing gem.

Pyrite for Venus - rise with inner strength and emotional stability with this gem of wonder and wealth.

Imperial Jasper for Earth - gorgeously grounding, deep tranquility, and balance of both body and mind.

Carnelian for Mars - fiery and bright, this gem oozes with bravery and big motivational energy.

Tigers Eye for Jupiter - golden joy, rich in integrity, and ever ready to rouse your inner power.

Picture Jasper for Saturn - raise awareness, awaken consciousness, and rouse your spirit.

Aquamarine for Uranus - let the cool blue hues flow right through and cleanse your soul.

Lapis for Neptune - tap into your deepest well of intuition and rise to meet your own power.

Hematite for Pluto - blissful balance, powerful protection, and the ability to simply let go

Blue Goldstone for the Night Sky - say yes to possibility, inner peace, and the glitter of positivity.

Solar System Universe Eight Planets Bracelet

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