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All Resins are packing in 1oz tubes

Myrrh has a warm earthy, woodsy fragrance, with slight balsamic undertones. Myrrh has been used throughout the ages as an ingredient in incense, perfumes, etc., in the holy oil of the Jews and the Kyphi of the Egypt for embalming and fumigation. Burning myrrh is believed to send evil spirits away. It purifies ritual tools, as does frankincense or a mixture of the two and is believed to bring good fortune and money. Myrrh fortifies the nerves and emotions. It replaces feelings of apathy, weakness and lack of initiative with motivation, power and strength. Myrrh provides the clarity, focus and strength to pull through troubled times. Its cooling and calming effect subdues angry or inflamed emotional states.

Myrrh Resin Incense

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