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Meadowsweet Herb

Meadowsweet - Used to increase the chances of getting a job. Helps peace, love and happiness. Aids divination. Element Air.

Latin Name: Filipendula Ulmaria

Known uses:

Love Spells

New Beginnings

Honoring the Dead

Burn over charcoal, add to charm bags, blends, use as an offering.

Also known as Queen of the Meadow, Meadowwort, and Bridewort, Meadowsweet grows throughout Europe and western Asia, and has become naturalized in North America. Used throughout the ages, the earliest examples of use were found in ancient, Bronze Age burial chambers, where it was used to either flavor or scent mead or as a flower, offered to the dead. Meadowsweet also has a history within Welsh lore, where it was noted as one of the herbs used to fashion the woman known as “Flowerface.” Throughout medieval times it was also used during festivals and weddings, where it was strewn throughout churches and used to fashion bridal garlands.

Said to encourage peace and gladness making it a lovely herb to use in dream pillows. It is used in various love mixtures. The scent of Meadowsweet cheers the heart.

Meadowsweet Loose Herb Jar

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