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Resin pieces are packaged in 1 oz tube

The aroma of burnt copal is said to not only fortify and invigorate the body, but also soothe the mind and relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, and even depression. There is however no essential oils derived from the distillation of copal, and the practice of distilling its essence is not commonplace, so all aromatherapeutic applications for it subside in its being employed as an incense.

Metaphysical Properties & Uses

Both true and false copal's greatest and perhaps most prolific employment remains in the field of the esoteric, where it has been employed since time immemorial as an offertory incense and deistic tribute. The Mayas, Aztecs, and other neighbouring First Peoples Nations have long-employed copal as an incense for their deities, even so far as shaping the easily-carved substance into ears of maize and other shapes considered sacred by their society and religion.

Mayan Copal Resin Incense

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