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Headache Oil Blend

The name says it all .

The Headaches Blend contains peppermint, lavender, frankincense, Copaiba Balsam, and rosemary.

Expertly blended to help keep headaches at bay and provide relief from head pain, the Headaches Blend features hand-picked soothing oils. Peppermint and lavender work together to clear the mind and reduce any type of sinus or respiratory issue that may be causing your headache. Lavender also adds a soothing floral scent that relaxes the body and can encourage a reduction of stress or pain. Peppermint oil has also been known to help prevent and treat migraine attacks, particularly when used topically.

Another beneficial ingredient in the Headaches Blend is Copaiba Balsam. This oil is derived from the trunks of trees in the Copaifera genus and has a sweet, almost honey-like, and slightly peppery aroma to it. It helps to relieve the pain from headaches and migraines, particularly when combined with lavender, and can reduce general inflammation. You can diffuse the Headaches Blend as needed during a headache attack or regularly to help stave off any type of head pain.

Headache Oil Blend

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