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These bath salts were created with the intention to be used on the full moon. Harnessing the qualities of the full moon, these are perfect as a self love bath on your own moon cycle or to incorporate into a full moon ritual with your own individual intentions. As the bath water over you and empties down the drain, allow anything that no longer serves you and any stagnant energy to be released with it.


The full moon is the peak of energetic power, it's time to celebrate what you have manifested and made. With this Great Full Moon blend which includes Dead Sea Salt , Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Spearmint, Lavender, Jasmine , Sage and Jasmine Essential Oil. 

Our Bath Salts are mindfully crafted for a beautiful and luxurious way to reconnect with, cleanse, or pamper your skin, mind, body and soul. 

Blends of salts, oils, herbs and botanicals make a lovely self care treat.

Our bath salts are mindfully crafted to nourish, renew, and restore the skin ,mind, body and soul. 


  • 100% Pure, Magic, Therapeutic Grade & Organic Ingredients All Natural
  • Moon charged, Reiki infused - with intention & ready for immediate use
  • Cruelty Free & Vegan
  • Handmade With Love  at Luna Mistica Apothecary.

Full Moon Bath Salt

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