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Dark Moon Bath Salts

The dark moon is a final and significant moment of pause before the next moon cycle begins. It’s the time to assimilate all that we’ve learned or accomplished in the previous cycle. It’s also our final chance to let go of what we don’t want to carry with us into the manifesting energies of the new moon. DARK MOON Bath Salts are created and charged (of course) under this phase of La Luna.

Our Dark Moon Bath Salts assist you in cleansing and resetting the chakras, auric body and spirit body. At Luna Mistica Apothecary, Our Bath Salts are a powerful tool for energy clearing, intention setting and bringing about desired manifestations, with our Personal Blend of Dead Sea salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Herbs and Essential Oils.

Our Bath Salts are mindfully crafted for a beautiful and luxurious way to reconnect with, cleanse, or pamper your skin, mind, body and soul.

100% Pure, Magic, Therapeutic Grade & Organic Ingredients All Natural Moon charged, Reiki infused - with intention & ready for immediate use Cruelty Free & Vegan Handmade With Love ❤️ at Luna Mistica Apothecary.

Dark Moon Bath Salt

SKU: 444448706
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