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Balm of Gilead

Also know. As Poplar Buds




Healing Properties

relieve congestion,

Magical Properties

grounding, elevating, magnetic and aphrodisiac.


Magickal Properties: Love, manifestations, protection, healing, de-stressing, & assisting in healing from the loss of a loved one. Use in love sachets; carry for healing, protection, and mending a broken heart. Use to dress candles for any form of magickal healing. Burn to attract spirits. Also Called: Poplar Buds, Balsam Poplar, Balm of Gilead, Mecca, Mecca Balsam, Balessan, Bechan. Magickal Properties are for entertainment purposes only.

Poplar bud oil is traditionally used to address chapped, chafed, and dry or cracked skin, chapped lips, mild burns, respiratory issues such as coughs, congestion and catarrh, while it comforts a sick or achy body with its grounding and soothing scent.

Poplar Bud Oil is commonly used on its own or in a blend to help alleviate muscle and joint pains and makes a soothing balm for hemorrhoids and piles. It is a wonderful and soothing ingredient in lip balms.

In incense and perfume blends, Poplar bud products act as a fixative, helping to anchor more fleeting aromatic elements and extend the duration of aromatic compositions and blends.

Because this material is relatively light, you get a good amount in each bag.

Balm of Gilead loose herb jar

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