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Cleanse and protect your aura! 

Our Aura Cleansing Bath Salts are carefully crafted to promote and invite self-love, calm, joy & balance. Our personal blend includes Dead Sea Salt , Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic Rosemary, Fennel Seeds, White Sage & other cleansing and purification herbs.


This Cleanse bath can be used for:

Calming your energies, removing negativity, shielding your energy, lift your spirits, grounding, cleansing your energy after you have been in large crowds or around sickness. This bath can be part of your self-love routine and help raise your vibration!


Our Bath Salts are mindfully crafted for a beautiful and luxurious way to reconnect with, cleanse, or pamper your skin, mind, body and soul. 

Blends of salts, oils, herbs and botanicals make a lovely self care treat.

Our bath salts are mindfully crafted to nourish, renew, and restore the skin ,mind, body and soul. 

100% Pure, Magic, Therapeutic Grade & Organic Ingredients

All Natural

Moon charged, Reiki infused - with intention & ready for immediate use

Cruelty Free & Vegan

Handmade With Love  at Luna Mistica Apothecary.

Aura Cleansing Bath Salt

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