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Piedra de alumbre 1 oz tube

Our natural Kalunite™ is approved by Ecocert Cosmos Natural as an active ingredient commonly used in many cosmetic formulas such as creams, shampoos, soaps, deodorants, and after-shave.

The natural Kalunite™ alum stone is characterized by its purity. It is an effective and natural deodorant free of aluminum hydroxide sulfate, It can be recognized by its marbled appearance.

It also serves as a healing. Since it is a hemostatic stone, it is completely powerful to stop the bleeding when it comes to minor injuries, but above all, it has a wonderful virtue against irritation and usual shaving cuts. Another of its magical uses is to be a firming, as the name says, it reaffirms the skin. A lot of women buy alum powder and mix it with water to spread it on their breasts, abdomen, legs and arms in order to have a younger and glowing skin.

Its uses are so magical that it even works as insect repellent or remedy to treat insect bites. In many households, the alum stone is always present; in some cases it combats oral health problems.

Alum Stone

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