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Charging and Activating Crystals And Storing and Displaying Crystals

Charging and activating your crystals can prevent them from becoming depleted and ensures their energy is working strong and their healing powers are unimpeded. Activating and charging crystals is easy and can be done either by leaving them in moonlight, burying them in soil for a few hours, or placing them in nature. You can also use Selenite or Clear Quartz to charge up other crystals as they have big amplifying energy. 

Storing and Displaying Crystals

Caring for your crystals means storing them correctly. You want to make sure that you limit the crystal's exposure to excessive heat, cold, moisture, dust, and debris. Each crystal will have different care instructions, but it's good to be mindful of knowing which are sensitive and may fade in direct sunlight and which won't react well with water. Delicate crystals may benefit from being wrapped in fabric before being placed in containers to avoid scratches on the surface. Wooden boxes, glass cases, and fabric pouches all work well for crystals. 


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